Our Plan for You:

  • We are following the current plans in place by Southside Baptist Church.
  • We encourage you to wear a mask but they are not required.
  • We have 2 large meeting areas for our large group time which will last less than 15 minutes. This will provide us with plenty of social distance.
  • Meeting rooms will be arranged to provide social distance.
  • Hand Sanitizers are available across the campus.
  • No coffee will be served. We will have individual water bottles available for you.
  • “Boundary Bands” will be available for you in Red, Yellow, and Green.
    RED – “Glad to see you from a safe distance”
    YELLOW – “Happy to visit but I’d prefer not to touch”
    GREEN – “Excited to shake hands.”

What We Ask from You:

  • Respect others by maintaining social distance
  • Wash your hands upon entry or use sanitation stations.
  • Don’t come if not feeling well or if anyone in your household is not feeling well.
  • Those over 65 or immune-compromised are encouraged to stay home for now.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.