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You can select 3 breakout sessions to attend. Some sessions are meant to be done in series, others each stand on their own. Take that into account as you put together your own seminar schedule.

Breakout Seminars 2020 (More coming soon!)

Children’s Ministry – Diane LanePositive Guidance After ReopeningThis session will touch on how children are dealing with this crisis and ways you will be able to guide them through this in a positive manner.
Children’s Ministry – Diane LaneRebuilding After COVIDTeachers might not be willing to come back and teach. What are we going to do? Remembering why we teach and the impact we have will help teachers refresh their commitment to teach.
Children’s Ministry – Diane LaneRebuilding After COVID (Continued)We will answer your questions and discuss how teachers are responding to this crisis and ways we can trust God in these trying times. 
Children’s Ministry – Erin WoodfinDynamic discipleship in kids ministry Kids ministry can oftentimes focus on the conversion of a child so much that the discipleship takes a back seat. What should happen next in your ministry to disciple children who have just become believers? Discipleship must take a front seat in children’s ministry, so children will develop a faith that will last a lifetime. 
Children’s Ministry – Erin WoodfinHow to lead a Small group without losing your mind! Small group leaders are the backbone of children’s ministry. However, leading a small group of kids can be a challenge. A classroom can look more like chaos than Kingdom work. But there is a way to have a successful small group without losing your mind. 
Children’s Ministry – Erin WoodfinCapturing the heart of a preteen One of the most challenging age groups in kids ministry is preteen kids, but they need to know they are welcome in our kids ministry. How can we capture their hearts to minister to them and set solid foundations before they head to youth ministry? 
Preschool Ministry – Karen KennemurBest Practices in Preschool Ministry Learned During the PandemicLet’s discuss the re-thinking of preschool policies and procedures following the pandemic.
Preschool Ministry – Karen KennemurThe Heart of the MatterWe will discuss how to capture the heart and interest of a preschooler and teach them God’s Word. 
Preschool Ministry – Karen KennemurTeaching Preschoolers to PrayGod listens to the prayers of children—Let’s help them talk to God.
 Adult Small Groups – Lance CrowellSunday School that Builds your ChurchSunday School has been the backbone of church growth for many years. However, if the Sunday School is not rightly focused on Biblical mandates for church members it loses its benefit for the church today and for future generations
 Adult Small Groups – Lance CrowellThe Necessity of Biblical Social Interaction and Social Media in the churchSocial interaction and Social media sound similar but are very different. In the midst of or coming out of a pandemic where social interaction has largely been avoided by necessity, it becomes necessary to understand how God has called us to interact together and how that is different than online interaction through Social Media
 Adult Small Groups – Lance CrowellTechnology and the Church: The new normal and necessity No longer is technology and video streaming an option only for large or progressive churches. It has become a necessity for all churches. As we work to reach the coming generations it is essential that we have a right view of the values and dangers of technology in the church. . Reaching Millennial’s and Generation Z will require a clear combination of personal social interaction and correct social media engagement. 
 Technology & Social Media – Caleb LasaterTurning FB/youtube visitors into contacts/prospects for your church
 Technology & Social Media – Caleb LasaterBest practices to use for your church social media Who should post, what should be posted, what should not be posted, how often to post, making your fb a true front door to your church.
 Technology & Social Media – Caleb LasaterBuilding a team to maintain your online presence – keeping up with Facebook and running your livestream
Youth Leaders – Dave CarrollReaching Youth in Today’s CultureHow to get outside the walls of the church to reach students for Christ.
Youth Leaders – Dave CarrollBible Study that Transform StudentsHow Sunday School Teachers can teach the Bible Creatively to make change.
Youth Leaders – Dave CarrollTurning Youth into ServantsHow to disciple students in a way that they become more like Jesus.
Women’s Ministry – Laura TaylorRethinking Women’s Ministry Long-termWomen and their needs have not changed, even though because of the pandemic, it will look different. It will require rethinking how we do ministry. We will discuss the importance of Women’s ministry and explore ways approach it after a pandemic.
Women’s Ministry – Laura TaylorFanning the Flame of FaithIn light of the condition of our world today, we increase our faith in the One who is worthy. Come join in on encouragement from God’s Word about faith and how it is increased.
Women’s Ministry – Laura TaylorLiving Single Minded in a Chevron WorldChrist lived singled minded and we are exhorted to live the same in this zig-zag crazy world. We will discuss how to better live on the straight and narrow, following Christ example.
Senior Adults – Billy BarnesReaching Senior Adults in Today’s CultureTake the gospel to where they are.  Working with others in the community to reach Senior Adults
Senior Adults – Billy BarnesHow to start a Senior Adult Ministry1.  Planning steps
2.  How to get Senior Adults involved
Senior Senior Adults – Billy BarnesFun and Practical Things to do with Senior Adults1.  Involvement
2.  Ideas
 Church Revitalization – Mike LandryGetting Everyone on Board the Revitalization TrainHow to get buy-in and involvement of all Generations
 Church Revitalization – Mike LandryTurning the Church around in Trouble TimesThese Revitalization Principles will work in changing times
 Church Revitalization – Mike LandryNavigating the Road Blocks and Potholes in Revitalization A Discussion about the Challenges in Revitalization
Church Health – Steve BrazzelChurch Health Check-UpWhat does a church health check-up look like in your church?
Church Revitalization – Sean FerryRevitalization and your churchThis session will discuss what church revitalization is and what it will look like in our association. We will also talk about how your church can be involved in the process no matter your situation. 
Financial – Charlie JonesSound Financial PracticesReview and practical application of sound financial practices to be used in all areas of church finance
Financial – Charlie JonesChurch Budgeting and Financial ReportingHow to develop a church budget and financial reports for the church
Pastoral Ministry – Laura Smith, LPC-S, BCNDealing with DisappointmentSo often we have plans for our lives, our families, our jobs, and/or our churches that become hindered or even completely shut down. Let’s discuss ways to not only survive but thrive through these times.
Pastoral Ministry – Laura Smith, LPC-S, BCNUnderstanding Difficult PeopleHow do you respond to others you don’t understand or get along with very well? Recognizing some basic concepts can make a big difference!
Pastor & Staff Wives – Aimee SheltonOffenses Must Come How do we respond when the inevitable happens: we have been offended or we are guilty of offending?
 Pastor & Staff Wives – Aimee SheltonLegacy- Life in a TeapotWe all want our life and ministry to count and make a difference in this world. Through God’s word we can see how to use our past, present and future to impact those in our sphere of influence.
Adult Leaders – David AdamsHope for the Struggling Sunday School ClassDoes your class seem to be limping through the summer? Let’s talk about why that may be the case, and what we can do about it.
Adult Leaders – David AdamsMetrics that Matter: Measuring Growth in Your GroupSome traditional measures of growth are now out the window. What should we really be measuring as Great Commission groups? 
Adult Leaders – David AdamsFive Leadership Questions for 2020: A Checkup for Teachers and Group Leaders2020 has brought unique challenges and opportunities for Sunday School teachers, small group leaders, and others with influence. Explore five critical questions we should all ask ourselves as we lead in the body of Christ. 
Hispanic Leaders – Victor Rodriguez¿Cómo revitaliza Dios la Iglesia?Así como Dios demostró Su poder vital en Ezequiel, sólo Dios tiene el poder para revitalizar la iglesia.
 Hispanic Leaders – Victor Rodriguez¿Cómo se preparan los líderes para la revitalización de la Iglesia?Líderes deben ser conscientes y estar preparados para los pasos en la revitalización de la iglesia.
 Hispanic Leaders – Victor RodriguezQué esperar después de la revitalización de la iglesia.¿Qué deben esperar los líderes después de la revitalización de la iglesia?
Music/Worship Leaders – Robert Smart7 Worship Commands that Should Unite GenerationsA look at Psalm 145 and the 7 commands found there that drive our corporate worship experience.
Music/Worship Leaders – Robert Smart10 Tips for Leading WorshipA look at some practical tips for being more effective as a Worship Leader.
Music/Worship Leaders – Robert SmartResources for the Worship LeaderA look at some valuable resources to aid the Worship Leader.

(Check back often as this list continues to grow)