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8:45-55 Orientation/Welcome
9-9:50 Breakout 1
10-10:50 Breakout 2
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12-12:50 Breakout 4/Lunch 2

You can select 3 breakout sessions to attend with a lunch break or you can choose 4 breakouts and take your lunch to go!

Breakout Seminars

Financial/Administrators Sound Financial Practices Learn about internal controls, handling of cash & reconciliations, payroll and AP processes, payments, purchasing policy and more.=
  Church Budgeting and Financial Reporting Developing annual church budgets, producing periodic financial statements and tracking/reporting of designated funds.
Children’s Leaders Making the Most out of Large Group Time! (Elementary) We will discuss how to engage Elementary children during large group time.
  Small Group Time is for Learning We will discuss various ways to teach elementary children in the small group format.
  Bible Skills and Thrills We will discuss teaching preschool bible skills.
  Recruiting and Training How to recruit, train, and retain leaders for preschool and children’s ministry.
Preschool Leaders Effective and Engaging Large Group Time for Preschoolers Make the most of your large group Bible story time with wiggly preschoolers
  Effective and Engaging Small Groups for Preschoolers Help preschoolers hear the Bible story in a variety of ways all around your classroom.
  Bible Skills for Elementary Students Explore ways to engage children in Bible learning through tools you never knew could help teach the Bible!
  Effective Screening for Preschool and Children’s leader We will discuss how to carefully screen leaders for ministry.
Youth Leaders Reaching Youth in Today’s Culture How to get outside the walls of the church to reach students for Christ.
  Bible Study that Transform Students How Sunday School Teachers can teach the Bible Creatively to make change.
  Turning Youth into Servants How to disciple students in a way that they become more like Jesus.
Women’s Ministry/Staff Wives Titus 2 Mentoring We have all been influenced by someone, whether we it was good or bad. Titus 2 calls us to influencers for Christ through personal relationships by sharing life together.
  Restore Me Are you weary in well doing? Are you working out of your own resources, tired and empty? In ministry we need to be connected closely to the Lord, often needing to go back to the basics in order to be restored to our first love.
  Engaging Millenials Understanding the younger generations can give us some insight into how to best minister to them. Come learn about millennial and how to better reach them.
  Glass House Smudges Feel like you live in a glass house as minister’s wives? Come be encouraged in handling those “smudges” that happen in our glass house.
Senior Adults Practical Ideas for 55+ Ministry Session to give 55+ group to minister in the church and community.
  Ideas for Fun with Adults 55+ Session with ministry-minded ideas for 55+ adults to have fun and minister to others at the same time.
Pastors/Church Leaders/Social Media The Basics of Facebook for Churches How churches can utilize Facebook Pages, Groups and other tools in ministry.
  The Basics of Social Media for Churches How to effectively use social media for promotion as well as ministry in churches. Includes some helpful tools & resources.
  Church Websites that Communicate What are some the key elements of an effective church website and what should your church avoid?
Pastors/Church Leaders Leadership 101 This session is for pastors and church leaders who are striving to grow in their personal leadership and impact the kingdom of God.
Pastors/Mission Leaders Mission Trip 101 Your church can do a mission trip! Learn how to do a mission trip on any budget, with little experience, and with a small membership.
  Strategic Mission Planning Strategic Mission Work. Lead your church to be strategic in how you do mission work. What fits your church? Where is your heart? Pick up strategies for helping your church have a heart for the world.
Pastors/Mission Leaders Analyzing Church Health (Part 1 & 2) Consideration of the Factors that affect the Health of a Local Church
  Developing a Church Health Strategy (Part 1 & 2) Discuss a Vision-Path Strategy Planning Process for Leading a local Church to Revitalization
Pastors/Staff Creative Outreach Ideas In this session we will explore biblical and practical ways to creatively strengthen our reach towards the lost.
  Saturate the City This session will equip, encourage, and educate leaders on how to become the community church and not just a church in the community.
Ministry Assistants Ministry Assistants…Come Together! Discover ways to come together with other ministry assistants in your association and state, encouraging and supporting one another as you enlarge your network of resources and skills.
(For this last session, we will meet around the table while we eat lunch!)
  Share Your Story Each of has a Story! It is solely ours but there are those around us that may need to hear YOUR STORY, to help bless them.
  Serving = Leading Leadership is not solely based on power and authority. We can be a leader in whatever role God has placed us in.
  Jesus and Me I found Jesus at age 26. It’s been an awesome ride but nothing like I had planned!
Adult Discipleship Reframing Sunday School to Make Disciples Take another look at your picture of Sunday School. This breakout will explore five ways leaders can reframe their roles to be more effective in making disciples.
  Developing a Healthy Team: Recruiting, Retaining, & Releasing Volunteers How are you at developing others to lead and serve? This breakout will provide a foundation for raising up new leaders for service in your church.
Men/Discipleship Jesus said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Jesus provides the biblical mandate to make disciple that make disciples. In this session we will unpack Christ’s command to us as well as how we can initiate that in our churches.
  Creating a Disciple-Making Class What did Jesus call us to do? The Great Commission calls us to be on mission as evangelists and disciple-makers. How can your class/small group think intentionally about multiplying disciples in and through the church?
  Men’s Ministry for ALL the men in the church When we say we want to reach all the men in the church…what do we mean by that? What does it look like to engage them? What will it take to develop all ages of men in the church?
  The Not So Secret Killer Men are being ravaged and destroyed by pornography and sexual sin. Almost 80% of men view pornography on a monthly basis. In this session, we will look at the overwhelming statistics as well as some helps and hope to help the men in your church/class live godly lives in 2019.

(Check back often as this list continues to grow)

Coming Soon! Sessions on Social Media, Adult Ministry, Youth Ministry, Men’s Discipleship and more!