Online Registration opens August 1 – $12 per person, $10/person for groups of 5 or more

At the Door Registration ($15 per person) Opens @ 8:00 am

8:45-55 Orientation/Welcome
9-9:50 Breakout 1
10-10:50 Breakout 2
11-11:50 Breakout 3

You can select 3 breakout sessions to attend. Some sessions are geared to new leaders and others are for those with more experience. Some are meant to be done in series, others each stand on their own. Take that into account as you put together your own personal seminar schedule.

Breakout Seminars 2024

  • Special Needs – Cynthia Pounds
    • Disability Ministry in the Local Church
      • You may think your church is already welcoming to families impacted by disabilities, but have you made an intentional plan for them? Let’s discuss why and how we can make our churches accessible to people of all abilities. 
    • Volunteer and Buddy Training to Help Support Students with Disabilities
    • Creating an Inclusive Children’s Ministry: Inclusion Models and Methods
  • Small Group Leadership – Phil Todd
    • Creating an Outreach Culture in Your Group
      • Groups naturally turn inward after 18 months. Come discuss strategies and leadership principles to intentionally lead your group to stay focused on outreach.
    • 7 Elements to Effective Group Leadership
      • Discover and discuss 7 practical elements to lead your group wh
    • Teaching and Leading Towards Transformation
      • Information vs. transformation. This session will examine the approach of Ezra to discover applicable steps for today’s leader to teach and lead their group members towards transformation and not just Bible information.
  • Pastoral Leadership – Keeney Dickenson
    • When Satan Comes to Church
      • This session explores biblical approaches to church conflict with emphasis on prayerfully engaging in spiritual warfare. 
    • Reclaiming the Prayer Meeting in a Traditional Church
      • This session will focus on biblical principles for corporate prayer. Participants will also be guided in creative prayer exercises. 
    • When Satan Comes to Church
      • This session explores biblical approaches to church conflict with emphasis on prayerfully engaging in spiritual warfare.
  • Media/Online Presence – Koby Dickenson
    • Strengthening Your Online Presence
      • Walk away with practical strategies for enhancing your digital footprint and fostering deeper connections with your online audience. You will learn new techniques to leverage social media, website optimization, and digital storytelling to share your message and engage with your community effectively.
    • Beginners Guide to Video in the Church
      • Learn the basics of implementing video into your ministry: techniques, equipment needed, and effective use of content in your context.
    • Developing a Communication Strategy
      • A clear communication strategy will help your church communicate more effectively with its members and visitors. You’ll walk away from this session with a guide for a clear strategy for your church.
  • Children’s Ministry (Spanish Language) – Dr. Adlin Cotto
    • El plan de Dios para los niños
      • ¿Cuál es el plan de Dios para los niños y cómo debe guiar el ministerio con los niños y sus familias? 
    • Cultivando la sensibilidad espiritual de los niños
      • Claves para cultivar el corazón del niño para una profesión de fe en el futuro
    • Enseñando creativamente con poco presupuesto
      • Cómo desarrollar actividades de aprendizaje creativas que promuevan amor por Cristo, las Escrituras, y la iglesia con poco presupuesto.

Come back often as more sessions will be added!